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Seemay & Moray- Village divisions and relationships

Seemae [See' may] & Morae [Mo' ray] (relationship)

The map below, based on Paul Hockings’s research, shows the division of Badaga Villages into the four ‘SEEMAYs’.

As I have explained earlier, ‘Hattis’, Badaga Villages are grouped into clusters / communes [there is no particular number as to how many villages will constitute one commune] called OORUs and these OORUs in turn constitute a NAADU or SEEMAY. It appears that initially there were only three seemays/naadus with DHODDA Betta peak being at the apex. KUNDHE NAADU / SEEMAY might have ben added later.

Incidentally,Porangadu seemay was originally known as PARANGI NAADU. The Name THODHA NAADU could have come because of many THODHAVA [TODA] settlements are in that region. In MEKKU NAADU, Mekku means West. (The four directions in Badaga ;- Mooday - east, Mekku - west, Badage - North & Thekke - south)
Incidentally, Ooty in Badaga is [H]OTHAGAY and Mettupalayam is METTUPA


Dr.B.Sudhakar.MBA.,Ph.D.,DLL.[Assistant Professor,Department of Management Studies,MAHE-Manipal( Dubai Campus), DUBAI]. I am one among the interested Badagas, who would like to know little more about number or oorus in different seemaes. For eg, Halattanai to which I belong to is the head hatti (oor) for Keeyur Aaru hatti which includes Denadu, Mainalay, Kothiben, Masikandi, Bengal and Kokkalada - inturn the Keeyur comes under Mekku nadu seemae.
Now I am trying to bring a group of hatties coming under different seemaes, based on thier close relationships (anna thamma relation - having one Iyya gudi in the head hatti from where brothers migrated and settled else where).
Coming to my next point I’ve some doubts like…………..
From the history it is understood that Koderi , Kinnakorai and Hubbathalai people are brothers and they belong to or called as Porangadu people. Am I right?. ……….but in your website those hatties (Koderi and Kinnakorai ) I feel are wrongly classified……………..
For eg. Koderi is included in the Mekku nadu seemae but they belong to Porangadu people.
One more eg., Kinnakorai people are Porangadu people but that is included in Kundae seemae.
My question is that …..are hattities classified based on location or the relationship?
Looking forward to your reply.
[Letter dated 26 Feb 2008]


Unknown said...

daar sir . my name is anusha i m from kerala.. basically i m a malayali . but sir i love badgga. becoz i love one badgga boy .. but no vy to success that relation, becoz he follow different custom.
but i m vry happy to learn mor information about badgas ...
....... i wish i thing sir nst birth lavath enak badgga ayi birth venam sir.. .. stile now its self gng to pry being a badga girl ...
seriosly i feel crying. o.. god.. y yor torch'g me like dis

i dnt no how mny members so dis post. pleeesssss pleezzzzzzzzzz pry for me... nst birth avath.. wanna bg a badgga girl

Unknown said...

Tamilnadu....differenet climate,various people ,divided religion...But is there anything to match Kothagiri villages?
what a way to end our life there?
r.k.seethapathi nayudu

Anonymous said...

Dear sir, I'm a Tamil boy and madly in love with a badaga girl in ooty and that I can't live without her.Will I able to marry her with her's parent approval?

NSAT Charitable Trust said...

Sorry Brother, its not posssible.

Sreeja.S said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
N Surjith said...

Thank you for the wonderful Information in this site ...

Unknown said...

Hi sir..I belong to thothanadu seemai and I already married a guy who lives in yedapalli but they are (natturu).. from long years ago they live in yedapalli...they belong to iduhatty (thothanadu seemai)...we both married without parents approval before 2yrs ...now we sperated because Few say we don't have morai to marry ..few say that we can marry...but we r still trying to Marry again with all baduga formalities... Can u give me a solution.. can iduhatty guy who lives in yedapalli marry anikorai girl??? Can u give me a clear solution ... Waiting for your positive reply ...thank you

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